Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Venus Flytrap Facts {Sam's Writing Advice}

Yay! It is Sam again! I am giving facts for Venus flytraps. We have a Venus flytrap named Jaws.

Sam's Writing Tip: Not everything you find on the Internet is true. Research different sites. For example, Sweet Search is a good place to begin.  It is a database where everything is checked to be true.

Here are six facts about Venus flytraps:

  1. Another name for a Venus flytrap is Dionaea muscipula. (say die-oh-nee-ah-mus-se-pew-uh-lu)
  2. People are making robot Venus flytraps.
  3. A Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant (meaning it can eat meat).
  4. Venus flytraps come from North and South Carolina.
  5. My favorite carnivorous plant is a Venus flytrap.
  6. Venus flytraps go dormant for three months, December, January, and February. You do not need to make them hibernate in the refrigerator. 
My Venus flytrap, Jaws, is healthy.
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PS -- If one of the flytraps is 100% black, cut it off with a pair of scissors.


  1. Hey Sam! I love the scientific name for the Venus fly trap. I also think that it is cool that people are making robot Venus fly traps. Keep blogging!
    Love Hannah

  2. Hi Sam!
    I liked all your information about the Venus Flytrap. But I have one question. Why would people make a robot Venus Flytrap? It couldn't eat meat, could it?
    Just wanted to say hi!


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