Saturday, June 17, 2017


shooting bottle rockets off on Sunday
Hello! I am back today and I have a cool science experiment that I did with a very special grandpa. We used his air compressor, a soda bottle rocket, and a tube. When you pressed the valve and held on for about 3-5 seconds, then release, it goes in a wide variety of heights, 20-55 feet. If you want to see it on youtube, just look for my channel and look for the video. I used:

  •  2- 2 liter soda bottles
  • 1 plastic Solo cup
  • 1 pointed yarn spool
  • some cardboard
  • 1/3 roll Dollar General duct tape
I was going to paint it, but I realized that paint does not stick to duct tape. so I just wrote U.S.A on the side and drew a little window. Maybe you can make one! 

Minecraft Survival Help

    Hi there! Today, I am going to help you out if you play Minecraft. My brother, my sister, my other sister, and I love Minecraft. For those of you who do not know what Minecraft is, it is a game where everything is blocks, and you can build some epic things! So you should play it! 
      Anyway, Jordan (my brother) and I were playing survival in Minecraft, we worked on our house all day. It was a dirt house, and now it is cool. But that night, we went outside and we fought mobs like creepers, zombies, skeletons, and endermen. We were doing pretty good, when my health bar started going down. I started losing health points, and I looked franticly around for a sheep, pig, or something else to eat their meat. But I could not find any. Tips:

  • WORK ON YOUR HOUSE, THEN FIND MEAT. This is helpful, because tonight you will need it.
  • MAKE A WOOD PICKAXE. You will need this to mine 9 blocks of stone, then make a furnace. Cook your meat in the furnace using wood or coal or charcoal. 
  • USE YOUR MEAT WISELY. You will need to conserve it for tonight. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL.
     So when you are looking for meat, choose cows as your main meal. They will give you raw beef, which you can cook to give you health points. Usually, they will give you leather, too. Oh yeah! That just reminded me! 
      When I was dying of hunger, we ran to a mountain, there the monsters could not get us. So I died, and Jordan collected my items for me. but, he was not very careful, and a spider jumped on him, killing him. 

  • BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDING AREA. This will be helpful when you are out at night. 
  • KILL COWS TO MAKE LEATHER ARMOR. This will help reduce the damage that you take. 
  • ORGANIZE YOUR HOTBAR. This might just save your life.
Thank you for reading! Bye! 

Stuffed mania!

Last night, I had a dream. It was a weird dream, and it was about two stuffed sharks. Now, as I realize my dream, I want a stuffed shark. So I looked on Amazon. Related:

  • Stuffed Koi Fish,
  • Stuffed catfish,
  • and stuffed largemouth bass.
Now I want them all! you should check them out. they are so cool! 
here is the one I probably want the most(hard to decide!).
So now that you know what I will buy, It will be so cool! I will post pictures with him if I get him! 
P.S. I will name him Whiskers! Whiskers she channel catfish!